February 3, 2019
February 4, 2019

Biosys kenya walkthrough metal detector

In quintessence, walkthrough metal detectors are simply devices which apply electromagnetic stimulation to detect any kind of metal. The basic forms of this technology involve an oscillator and a coil. The oscillator yields an alternating current that passes through the coil, which in turn produces an alternating magnetic field. If a piece of metal is close the coil, the eddy currents in the metal will be induced. In short, these devices are able to detect the presence of metal even when its hidden.

In the past Kenya, among other countries have been rocked by a series of unending terror attacks from al-Shabaab and even other militia groups ,this has led to loss of both life and property. In the spirit of increasing security across the country, the government ordered every building, public service vehicles, and any public premises to ensure that they install walkthrough metal detectors in Kenya. The introduction of the walk through metal detectors, have not only helped beef up the current security efforts but has also helped stabilize our economy and boost the growth and development of our everyday life.

In the past the walkthrough metal detectors were used for mining and industrial uses, today the metal detectors are not only used for tracking land mines for military use but also foe security uses to detect guns, knives and other harmful tools in airports

and diffract premises.

 Types of walk through metal detectors in Kenya.

Metal detectors work with very low frequency technology, but the most radical ones use low radiation x-rays to achieve their tenacity. Security metal detectors are most used in places like airports, checkpoints, public schools, events like football games, government premises, and courthouses.

There are two types of security metal detectors: the hand held metal detectors and walk through metal detectors. the hand held metal detectors  are used by security and law enforcement officers, these devices helps them to detect pistols and knives, and it is possible to use a reduction switch to lower sensitivity intrusion.

Walk through security metal detectors in Kenya use two kinds of technology. Those with digital technology allow improved target detection coverage, and are important where very tight security is needed. Those based on a microprocessor can dodge any electrical interference with x-ray devices.

Features to Look For In a Walkthrough Metal Detector

Single zone metal detector will help in detecting if the person walking through is carrying a firearm or any such object. A multi zone metal detector will help in detecting where the hidden item is placed. That is it will aid in detecting if the item is on the right or the left side making it easy to search the individual.

Bigger masses require the use of multiple zone metal detectors as it is very overwhelming of the security staffs have to perform a physical pat-down for every other person. To ease their work, they can also use handheld detectors. Single zone detectors are used mostly for areas where security is much more under control because a restricted admission to persons from outside.

The location will also count in regard to which metal detector you want to shop for and the number of persons you have coming in and out of the premises. Crowded areas like night clubs, malls, schools, corporate, public and private buildings, and manufacturing facilities are likely to have the walkthrough metal detectors unlike police station or government premises

Whatever your security concerns might be, Biosys kenya has the solution to all your concerns visit us today and get nothing but the best as its said “it’s better to be safe than to be sorry”

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