Parking sensors and Tinting in Kenya

Parking Sensors in Kenya

These come as 2 or 4 head kits and can be painted to match the bumper. The sensors are activated when reverse gear is selected and will beep with the beeping getting closer together the nearer you get to an obstacle.
Additionally, a display can also be fitted for visual and audible notification. For large vehicles, a wireless kit is offered, which comes with a display and sounder. This kit is ideal for motorhomes, lorries and buses.
Front parking sensors can also be fitted, which will come on with the reverse sensors or can be individually switched on with a speed sensor. The speed sensor will switch the front sensors off above 5mph.

Parking sensors installed efficiently in Kenya

If you need to install parking sensors for your car, you can rely on Itrace Africa

Window Tinting in Kenya

Looking for the best window tint on the market? Look no further than Itrace Africa

Tinting the windows of your vehicle is a great way to reduce glare and heat from the sun while enhancing your privacy and upgrading the look of your vehicle. Some customers try or consider doing it themselves to save money however window tinting is best done by an experienced window tinting professional. Our window tint can be less costly, a professional installation will save you time and be done right so that it lasts forever without bubbles and discolouration.

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