Biometric Access Systems in Kenya

Biometric Access Control Systems in Kenya

iTrace Africa offers biometric access control systems in kenya, our biometric access control systems are used in the current era instead of using something you have (like a key) or something you know (like a password), biometrics use who you are to identify you. Biometric access control systems can use physical characteristics, like your face, fingerprints, irises or veins, or behavioral characteristics like your voice, handwriting or typing rhythm. Unlike keys and passwords, your personal traits are extremely difficult to lose or forget. They can also be very difficult to copy. Biometric access control systems can seem complicated, but they all use the same three steps:

  • Enrollment: The first time you use a biometric system, it records basic information about you, like your name or an identification number. It then captures an image or recording of your specific trait.
  • Storage: Contrary to what you may see in movies, most systems don’t store the complete image or recording. They instead analyze your trait and translate it into a code or graph. Some systems also record this data onto a smart card that you carry with you.
  • Comparison: The next time you use the system, it compares the trait you present to the information on file. Then, it either accepts or rejects that you are who you claim to be.
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